UFO Investigation

Here is a gallery of images to help come to a conclusion on those captured in May at Muiderslot Castle.  All the personal images have been shot with the same camera.  The majority were taken with the same lens identified in the original post (Nikon 14-24) or a Nikon 28-300.  The lens has not been cleaned,  so I guess some of the embarrassing dirt from the originals can be seen again :-)  I have used the zoom in order to show similar 5 bracket frames in a much narrower field of view.  It’s interesting as you can get another point of view on how fast things fly through the frame.  Most additional shots were gathered on return trips back to the castle in attempts to try and replicate the original captures.  Additionally, some photos were taken from the roof deck of my home where aircraft sometimes fly relatively close on days when there are high winds.   If anyone has other ideas which could be tried under similar circumstances, it would be greatly appreciated and I’ll give them a go.  I’ll also start adding a few of the photos where others have indicated a similar object appeared to help formulate an opinion broader than I am able to or have captured on my own.

NOTE: Please leave any comments or suggestions back on the original blog page so the conversation can be kept together in one place. Thanks!

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