More on Muiderslot and UFO’s

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I wanted to share the originally intended composite of the 5 bracketed exposures from Muiderslot which contained the UFO’s.  There is still some activity and research going on in the background around these images and if anything of substance arises, I will be certain to share and update the original post further.  I have been shown a number of images from around the world which contain similar unexplained objects.  With a high level of certainty, birds and aircraft (as we know them) have been ruled out.  We are still trying to prove/disprove any insect theory and currently this looks also to be eliminated in my opinion.  More to come…

Original Post

Enjoy this image and several links to end the year out where they are referenced again.

Huffington Post Best UFO’s of 2013 

Friendly call out by Stranger Dimensions

Bangkok Visit

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Near the end of 2013 I had a short trip to Bangkok.  Unfortunately it was all work and no play.  I did take a quick trip out to the amazing infinity pool which literally hangs off the edge of the building. The food was absolutely amazing everywhere we ate and it only solidified my affinity for Thai food and all the wonderful flavors it brings.  You do need to be careful if you order spicy…their spicy is a bit stronger than our spicy.  Luckily I like it hot! :-)

Vietnam Visit

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I had the wonderful opportunity to briefly visit Vietnam recently. It was primarily work related but I did arrive a day early and took a day trip down the Mekong Delta by boat along with some meandering about Saigon. Although always a humbling experience to visit a developing country, I was taken in by the people and how amazingly friendly and welcoming they were. I’ve had experiences in the past where the invasion of personal space was overwhelming and I never felt infringed upon during this visit. Knowing there are many more beautiful places to visit in the country, I’m definitely looking forward to more trips and further adventures. I’m sharing one image which I’ve processed so far but will be including a link very soon to a gallery of images from my visit.

Making the move to mirrorless – Sony NEX-7

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Although I continue to be a fairly hardcore Nikon fan and will not be parting with my D800 just yet, I have let my D700 go in order to evaluate the mirrorless market.  After just a weekend of light testing, I will definitely be making the move and prying my D800 from my hands may not be as difficult as I had expected.  What prompted the move.  The easy answer, is the burden of lugging around such a heavy load when I want to take the whole show on the road.  This coupled with the challenges of swapping gear out relatively quickly to capture a scene and then back again, had me always pondering if there was an easier way.  One of my inspirations [Trey Ratcliff] who’s advice I do take to heart, has also recently made the move.  His was a much greater surprise to the photography community than mine will be and although he may swap back at some point, he’s made the change already and is producing amazing results.  Then again, I would expect nothing less from him. There are surprisingly few drawbacks to note at this point and I know that the odds of me having my gear with me for those random moments just increased ten fold.

Rather than regurgitate what some others have already done an amazing job at, I will link his review of the NEX-7 as well as his recent article which created quite a stir around his move from Nikon. Trey Ratcliff: NEX-7 Review, “Hello Sony, Goodbye Nikon

I’ve also uploaded some of my first images from my twins first trip to the zoo where I tested the camera for myself.  I’ll suffice to say that I’m quite happy with the initial results and this was just out of the box without even looking into any special features that I may not be aware of yet.  I’m off to Vietnam this week and hope to test it further there and look forward to sharing more results then.

Zoo gallery of first test images


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We are just returning from a lovely holiday in Sitges.  We were welcomed by the Super Moon during our first days and were greeted each evening from our terrace.   There was not much time for photography during this trip but hopefully a few nice images mixed in the ones I was able to capture.  I’ll share them as they are processed.  I hope you enjoy.

Here is one of the images captured during the late night as the moon was rising.  It lit up the ocean beautifully as if it were the sun. This shot was a single image long exposure, in order to capture all of the light and expose the coast line.  Truly a beautiful scene to experience.


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There is a great organization in Amsterdam which provides a full spectrum of information about the city for living , visiting or doing business.  I find useful tidbits there quite regularly which help our every day life here as an expat.  Having lived abroad now for over 10 years and in a number of different countries, I have to say Amsterdam is absolutely one of the best as an expat.  “I Amsterdam” is one of those reasons and their services truly help simplify your life as a foreigner.  You can find out more about them @ or on Facebook.

They recently tweeted, asking if anyone had any good pictures of the famous IAMSTERDAM letters which are located in the city.  There is one set at Schipol Airport and another in front of the Rijks Museum.  I shared this image with them and was pleasantly surprised when they featured it back on their Facebook page.  If you are a Facebook user, here’s where you can find the post.

This was actually an unplanned image which was caught just as a storm was passing.  I was returning home on the tram and decided to jump off and risk the rain to take a few shots.  The result was created by combining multiple exposures to create an HDR image.  It was exaggerated for effect as this process can make the clouds even a bit more ominous which was the desired intent.  Using multiple images also allowed for the removal of the people in area and on the letters to further enhance the atmosphere.  As many can attest, it is rare to find the letters not covered with people.  After finishing the main image it was converted to B&W and finally the color of the letters restored to become the focal point of the image.

Why Post-Processing

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I receive a lot of questions around the use of post-processing on photo images and believe that it has its place in the art of photography.  The purist view of photography is also understandable and admirable.  I am continually impressed by what some of the pro’s are able to capture straight from the camera.  There are a few of these in my own portfolio and for sure my hopes are that the number will increase as my journey in photography continues.  In any case, I personally also enjoy the possibilities of what I can do behind the keyboard as well as from behind the camera.  My goal is to try to maintain the integrity of the original image as much as possible while enhancing it in such a way as to more vividly reflect what my mind remembers from that point in time.  This effort is to try and pull the viewer into the image to create a similar experience and truly share share the moment with them.

What was changed:

  • In the image above you’ll notice the bend of the castle walls due to the wide angle lens and positioning of the shot. The walls have been straightened that it appears that you are looking straight at the castle.  This has slightly shortened the castle and stretched it horizontally as a result, but it still fits with overall impact of the image.
  • The two tourists in the entrance have been removed as even through the best efforts and patience, there was never a clear shot.
  • Finally the tent to the left was removed as to not be distracting.
  • The remainder of the adjustments where just b&w conversion adjustments with some sharpening and structure.

First Photo Contest

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I recently started to dabble in the photo contests. More in hopes of getting constructive feedback to evolve my photography than anything else.  The ViewBug community seems to be very welcoming and I’ve found quite a bit of artistry to aspire to.  There are quite a variety of different contests where I believe almost anyone can find a place of comfort or to step outside their comfort zone.  In the “Looking Up”: Photo Contest, my photo “What’s Up in the Church” was ranked in the Top 10 most voted percentile.  There appears to have been over 3000 entries.  I received the Top 10 Photo Trifecta TM Class award.


I actually won the contest!! very excited about this since it was my first submission of any of my work.  Great feedback on the site as well.  It seems there is a great community there and I’m looking forward to more entries and more social connections.

Weekend Dream in Paris

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I had the lovely honor of taking my 84 yr old grandmother to Paris.  It has been one of her dreams which she didn’t think she would have fulfilled.  We were able to see all of the sites that she wanted to visit and I’m still amazed how she was able to keep up for the long trek around the city.  I can only hope to be as active as she is when I reach that age!

Zaanse Schans

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Visited Zaanse Schans today which is just outside of Amsterdam.  The town and surrounding area is much nicer than expected for a local tourist attraction and highly recommended.  It was a beautiful walk with some nice cafe stops and incredible scenery.  It is definitely on the list to just return for a nice stroll and lunch.

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