There is a great organization in Amsterdam which provides a full spectrum of information about the city for living , visiting or doing business.  I find useful tidbits there quite regularly which help our every day life here as an expat.  Having lived abroad now for over 10 years and in a number of different countries, I have to say Amsterdam is absolutely one of the best as an expat.  “I Amsterdam” is one of those reasons and their services truly help simplify your life as a foreigner.  You can find out more about them @ iamsterdam.com or on Facebook.

They recently tweeted, asking if anyone had any good pictures of the famous IAMSTERDAM letters which are located in the city.  There is one set at Schipol Airport and another in front of the Rijks Museum.  I shared this image with them and was pleasantly surprised when they featured it back on their Facebook page.  If you are a Facebook user, here’s where you can find the post.

This was actually an unplanned image which was caught just as a storm was passing.  I was returning home on the tram and decided to jump off and risk the rain to take a few shots.  The result was created by combining multiple exposures to create an HDR image.  It was exaggerated for effect as this process can make the clouds even a bit more ominous which was the desired intent.  Using multiple images also allowed for the removal of the people in area and on the letters to further enhance the atmosphere.  As many can attest, it is rare to find the letters not covered with people.  After finishing the main image it was converted to B&W and finally the color of the letters restored to become the focal point of the image.

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