Making the move to mirrorless – Sony NEX-7

Although I continue to be a fairly hardcore Nikon fan and will not be parting with my D800 just yet, I have let my D700 go in order to evaluate the mirrorless market.  After just a weekend of light testing, I will definitely be making the move and prying my D800 from my hands may not be as difficult as I had expected.  What prompted the move.  The easy answer, is the burden of lugging around such a heavy load when I want to take the whole show on the road.  This coupled with the challenges of swapping gear out relatively quickly to capture a scene and then back again, had me always pondering if there was an easier way.  One of my inspirations [Trey Ratcliff] who’s advice I do take to heart, has also recently made the move.  His was a much greater surprise to the photography community than mine will be and although he may swap back at some point, he’s made the change already and is producing amazing results.  Then again, I would expect nothing less from him. There are surprisingly few drawbacks to note at this point and I know that the odds of me having my gear with me for those random moments just increased ten fold.

Rather than regurgitate what some others have already done an amazing job at, I will link his review of the NEX-7 as well as his recent article which created quite a stir around his move from Nikon. Trey Ratcliff: NEX-7 Review, “Hello Sony, Goodbye Nikon

I’ve also uploaded some of my first images from my twins first trip to the zoo where I tested the camera for myself.  I’ll suffice to say that I’m quite happy with the initial results and this was just out of the box without even looking into any special features that I may not be aware of yet.  I’m off to Vietnam this week and hope to test it further there and look forward to sharing more results then.

Zoo gallery of first test images

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