More on Muiderslot and UFO’s

I wanted to share the originally intended composite of the 5 bracketed exposures from Muiderslot which contained the UFO’s.  There is still some activity and research going on in the background around these images and if anything of substance arises, I will be certain to share and update the original post further.  I have been shown a number of images from around the world which contain similar unexplained objects.  With a high level of certainty, birds and aircraft (as we know them) have been ruled out.  We are still trying to prove/disprove any insect theory and currently this looks also to be eliminated in my opinion.  More to come…

Original Post

Enjoy this image and several links to end the year out where they are referenced again.

Huffington Post Best UFO’s of 2013 

Friendly call out by Stranger Dimensions

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